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Brilliant Engineering (BEN)

Honorary Editor-in Chief: Turhan Nejat VEZİROĞLU

Editor-in-Chief Abdulkadir Cüneyt AYDIN (Editor BEN)
Managing Editor Abdulkadir Cüneyt AYDIN

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      Ali ALLAHVERDİ, Kuwait University, KUWAİT
      Ayhan ÇELİK, Ataturk University, TURKEY
      Ayman S. MOSALLAM, University of California, USA 
      Ayşe YURTCAN BAYRAKÇEKEN, Ataturk University, TURKEY
      Bennacceur OUAKİ, ENSMR,  MOROCCO
      Burak DİKİCİ, Ataturk University, TURKEY
      Ensar OĞUZ, Ataturk University, TURKEY
      Ergün YILDIZ, Ataturk University, TURKEY
      German DELAFUENTE, Zaragoza University, SPAIN
      Hikmet ALTUN, Ataturk University, TURKEY
      Hüseyin BİLGİN, EPOKA University, ALBANIA
      İhsan EFEOĞLU, Ataturk University, TURKEY
      Jian JIANG, China University of Mining and Technology, CHINA
      Kadir BİLEN, Ataturk University, TURKEY
      Khalil EL-HAMI, University of Hassan, MOROCCO
      Mahmood KHALID, King Abdulaziz University, SAUDI ARABIA
      Marko SERAFIMOV, Methodius University, MACEDONIA
      Mehmet ERTUĞRUL, Ataturk University, TURKEY
      Mehmet İNAN, Oregon University, USA
      Mohd Nizar HAMIDON Universiti Putra MALAYSIA
      Murat DAL, Munzur University, TURKEY
      Naimul HAQUE, East West University, BANGLADESH
      Omer ÇOMAKLI, Ataturk University, TURKEY
      Ömer LAÇİN, Ataturk University, TURKEY
      Özgür ANIL, Gazi University, TURKEY
      Taner TEKİN, Ataturk University, TURKEY 
      Tevhit KARACALI, Ataturk University, TURKEY 
      Vahid JAHANGIRI, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, IRAN 
      Yao YU, North Dakota State University, USA 
      Yusuf ÖZTÜRK, San Diago State University, USA 

Journal of Brilliant Engineering  (BEN) will be a peer reviewed and quarterly published international journal. BEN welcomes research across all engineering disciplines, including architecture. Original research results, scientific reviews and short communication notes in various fields of engineering are considered for publication. The publication language of the journal is English. Manuscripts previously published are not accepted. Manuscripts with a suitable balance of practice and theory are preferred. A review article is expected to give in-depth information and satisfying evaluation of a specific scientific or technologic subject, supported with an extensive list of sources. Short communication notes prepared by researchers who would like to share the first outcomes of their on-going, original research work are welcome. Furthermore, the papers presented in important conferences, will be published in a special issue of BEN, in case of being sufficient papers.


Our dedicated expert editorial team, together with an scientific board, from related disciplines, ensures that papers move through to publication as fast as possible without compromising on the quality of the process.  Every published article will be immediately available on, ensuring it reaches the widest possible audience.

Every accepted ready-to-publish paper will be visible online.

Publisher: Abdulkadir Cüneyt AYDIN


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BEN-Second issue (April 2020) published. 13-12-2019
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