Honorary Editor-in Chief of Civil Engineering Beyond Limits (CEBEL) Academic journal

Ayman Soliman MOSALLLAM, Ph.D., P.EE.

Honorary Editor-in Chief, Civil Engineering Beyond Limits (CEBEL)

PROF A. S. MOSALLAM, Ph.D., P.E., Fellow ASCE 


Professor Ayman S. Mosallam is a Professor of Structural and Earthquake Engineering, also a Professor, Materials & Manufacturing Engineering Technology and the Director of the UCI Structural Engineering Testing Hall at the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department at University of California, Irvine (UCI). He is a fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Prof. Mosallam is the Founder of Egypt Green Building Council and the Principal Developer of the first draft of the Green Pyramid Rating System (GPRS). He is a registered Structural Professional Engineer in the District of Colombia and has more than forty years of experience in materials,  environmental, and structural  engineering  with a particular interest in innovative sustainable building systems and affordable housing including three-Dimensional sandwich panels, solar systems, water recycling, efficient cooling system rehabilitation. He serves as a contractor for the World Bank for developing the Energy Efficiency Building report for Egypt. Professor Mosallam is an international leading authority in the area non-conventional sustainable building systems. In Egypt, he has founded the national committee on Non-Conventional Building Systems through the Housing & Building National Research Center (HBRC). He has certified several sustainable green building systems including Enbuil and EVG. Professor Mosallam served as the Advisor for several Egyptian Ministers including the Minster of Housing & Urban Development, the Minster of Higher Education and the Minster of Social Solidarities. He is a member of ASCE Construction Institute Materials Directorate (Executive Committee) and a Control Member on the ASCE Structural Composites and Plastics Committee (SCAP). Professor Mosallam serves on the Technical Advisory Board of the International Accreditation Service (IAS). He has published over 500 technical papers, chapters, and reports on structural performance of structural systems and authored, edited and co-edited seven books in this area. He is the author of the ASCE Design Manual for FRP Composites Connections (ASCE MOP 102) and the co-developer of the ASCE/PIC Prestandard Document on Structural Design of Pultruded FRP Composite Structures. He is serving on the editorial board of Composites: Part B Journal and the Guest Editor for special issues on Infrastructure Applications for Composites: Part B International Journal, Reinforced Plastics and Composites Journal and Advances in Civil Engineering Journal. He is the Founder of the Egyptian Green Building Council and the principal author of the Green Pyramid Rating System (GPRS). Professor Mosallam is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards including the Outstanding Research Award from the International Conference of Composites Engineering, Best Design Paper Award from Composite Institute, the Industry Impact Award from McGraw Hill, Best Paper Award from SPI, and the Outstanding Engineering Educator of Year Award from American Society of Civil Engineers, The Presidential Award of the Engineering Council, among other numerous national and international awards. He has served as a senior engineering consultant to several international engineering and contracting firms including Flour-Daniel, Boeing Co., USA, Dames & Moore, Saudi Ben Laden Group (SBG), APATECH Russia, ATP, Italy, Khateeb & Alamy, EastStar, China, EVG, Schnell House S.A., TEKTO International Group, JMV Group, Arab Studies, Nakheel (UAE), SOLIDERE s.a.l., Cairo Festival City (CFC), and other governmental agencies such as FHWA, Ohio Department of Transportation, Oregon Department of Transportation, New York Department of Transportation, John Wayne Airport Authority, Southern California of Structural Engineering, Irvine Water Ranch, and many others.