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Guide for Authors

Application Steps

  1. Submit your manuscript through Online System until December 20, 2021. (You have to select the congress name (GEC21-Geopolymeric Composites Congress) from the pulldown menu
  2. If your manuscript is accepted, you will be informed.
  3. Make your payment through the link or information, which will be sent with acceptance letter.
  4. Your abstract should be in the range of 200-300 words.
  5. There must be at least 3 keywords.
  6. Under the title, authors' Title, Name, Surname, University, ORCID number, Email addresses should be written
  7. The manuscript has to be at least 4 pages
  8. Similarity rate of your full text should be below 20%.
  9. Your full paper should be written as the Manuscript Template.


  • Geopolymers
  • Geopolymeric composites
  • Geopolymer composites based on industrial by-products
  • Geopolymers for concrete structures
  • Bond behavior with reinforcing bars for Geopolymeric composites
  • Lightweight geopolymers
  • Geopolymer concrete pavement
  • Geopolymers as Environment Recovery Tools
  • Manufacturing, design, characterization of geopolymers
  • Testing, performance, application and sustainability of geopolymeric composites
  • Geopolymeric composites including natural and/or artificial fibers
  • Geopolymeric composites containing special aggregate inclusions or waste materials
  • Geopolymeric nanocomposites
  • Geopolymer to catalyst systems
  • Geopolymer as conductor (electrical systems)
  • Geopolymer to environmental remediation
  • Geopolymer to resistant construction
  • Geopolymers in/for green infrastructures
  • Geopolymeric repair materials
  • Geopolymer molecular chemistry; raw materials, scientific investigations
  • Development of geopolymer Standards
  • Industrial applications: advantages and drawbacks
  • 3D printing of geopolymer concrete
  • Alkali activated geopolymers
  • All about geopolymers for civil engineering