Keynote-Biophilic Features of Anatolian Darussifas

Keynote-Biophilic Features of Anatolian Darussifas

Phenomenological Aspects of Civil Engineering (PACE) - an International Congress
Volume 1 - Issue 1 - PACE-2021

Semra Arslan Selçuk Zehra Aksoy


The concept of biophilia is defined as the innate emotional intimacy that one feels towards nature and living things in nature. This hypothesis claims that people are instinctively connected to all other life systems. In the field of architecture, it is expressed as a design that enables the continuation of human-nature interaction and beneficial effects of nature (relaxing, healing, performance enhancing, etc.) in built environments. Researchers working in this field are united in the fact that architectural decisions are the biggest responsibility in supporting the connection of man with nature and they have defined a number of biophilic design elements that can be applied in buildings to construct nature-related “healing spaces”. Although these biophilic design parameters are considered for modern buildings, it is known that there are applications made with similar concerns in historical buildings. The content of the study to be presented in this context is to trace the healing features of architecture in historical buildings and to question the existence of biophilic elements revealed by the modern world. For this purpose, one of the most important values of Turkish architectural heritage, “darüşşifas” will be focused. Five of the surviving Anatolian Seljuk Darüşşifas (Kayseri Gevher Nesibe Darüşşifa, Sivas I. İzzeddin Keykavus Darüşşifa, Divriği Turan Melek Darüşşifa, Tokat Muineddin Pervane Darüşşifa and Amasya Anber bin Abdullah Darüşşifa) were selected for the field study and were evaluated according to the biophilic parameters. The biophilic parameters determined from a selection of Anatolian Darüşşifas that have been surviving (Kayseri Gevher Nesibe Darüşşifası, Sivas I. İzzeddin Keykâvus Darüşşifası, Divriği Turan Melek Darüşşifası, Tokat Muineddîn Pervane Darüşşifası ve Amasya Anber bin Abdullah Darüşşifası) will be evaluated.


Biophilia, healing spaces, modern buildings, Seljuk Darüşşifas.