Keynote-Inexperience is an Asset to be Exploited: Zero Budget Design and Build Practice

Keynote-Inexperience is an Asset to be Exploited: Zero Budget Design and Build Practice

Phenomenological Aspects of Civil Engineering (PACE) - an International Congress
Volume 1 - Issue 1 - PACE-2021

Badiossadat Hassanpour


Believing that we are both shaped by and shaping our world, learning is not simply acquiring knowledge and skill; it is re-alignment of experience, transformation of habit of mind and re-set line of action. In the first year of education, students are mostly inexperienced in the field. They are not introduced and familiar with patterns of intellectual behaviors/actions and therefore not able to make a choice which patterns should be used at a certain time. In architectural education which implicit, explicit and tacit knowledge are deeply integrated to students’ educational journey, this “inexperience” status of students can be taken as an asset or handicap to educational performance. The intriguing teaching practices are among those which break mono culture, assimilation, inferior in other ways, and those which facilitate within-person changes (which modifies the way in which person interprets and acts) and gives emphasis to unique experience and inputs of participants. The change in initial years of education can introduce new culture (such as culture of investment in the design process), unlock modes of creativity and enhance spatial perception. To do so, the elaboration of new sets of values, principles, targeted knowledge, skills and competencies, tools and means, as well as priorities and preferences, and new architectural paradigm in thinking is essential. This keynote speech un-wraps a pedagogical practice which has been approached by developing multifaceted conception of teaching.


Patterns of intellectual behaviors/actions, Implicit, explicit and tacit knowledge, Culture of investment, Architectural paradigm.