A New Approach To Entertainment Places Within Sustainable Own Components; Theme Parks

A New Approach To Entertainment Places Within Sustainable Own Components; Theme Parks

Phenomenological Aspects of Civil Engineering (PACE) - an International Congress
Volume 1 - Issue 1 - PACE-2021



Theme parks, which are increasingly sought after places today, are places that allow people to do various activities in terms of green space and to get away from city life and relieve stress. These parks are areas that take place as indoor and outdoor spaces in a wide area and contain various entertainment activities. Theme parks appeal to people of all ages and all walks of life. For this reason, it has a great role in the socialization of people and the development of countries. Theme parks, which have an important place in terms of tourism, contribute to the economic development of the country and to the promotion of the country. Theme parks also contribute to the promotion and development of the cultural characteristics of the region. In this study, theme park concept, location and importance of theme parks, historical development, planning and design principles of theme park concept, theme park functions were investigated. Parks are shaped according to the natural and cultural structure of the city in which they are located. In addition, people prepare the ground for the formation of different theme parks for different entertainment and adventure. Within the scope of the study, the classification of theme parks was investigated in detail, and examples from theme parks in the world and in our country were given.


environment, park, theme parks, Turkey, World