Analysis and study of the color and shape of the walls in the Legibility and perception of urban landscape

Analysis and study of the color and shape of the walls in the Legibility and perception of urban landscape

Phenomenological Aspects of Civil Engineering (PACE) - an International Congress
Volume 1 - Issue 1 - PACE-2021

mahsa aligolizadeh Fatemeh Ranjbar


The facades and walls of buildings and structures are one of the most essential aspects of the street, and they play a significant part in its legibility. It is necessary for citizens to pay attention to the quality of legibility and desirability of the street and ease of mental perception. Discussion about the form of buildings and spaces in the urban landscape and the study of color interactions on it plays a significant role in increasing the quality of the environment .Color and its permanent companion, light, and achieving the relationship of the use of colors for particular elements can be useful for creating a strong link between the past and the present and, as a result, cultural continuity .on the other hand, achieving goals such as visual beauty, spatial harmony, positive environmental and psychological impact, the need to study the color element in urban space is essential, which is a tool for expressing human emotions and reflects different cultures .The interview of this research was taken from a group project that was about the citizens' mental perception of modern and old views in the fall of 2019. Then, in this research, the combination of this concept with the colors used in old and modern facades and the analysis of the color combinations of the facades and how they relate to each other has been discussed .The results show that the use of indigenous materials in the facade, which is in terms of color in accordance with the climate and culture of the region and its combination with the form and bodies that have the principles of facade and form diversity increases the Legibility of the environment and mental retention in citizens. as we see in the old views, but unfortunately, the modern facades, due to the lack of attention to these concepts, cannot be legible and mental permanence, and convey a kind of meaninglessness to the citizens.


Legibility, perception, urban landscape , color ,form of walls