Durability of a sand concrete made with marble waste

Durability of a sand concrete made with marble waste

Phenomenological Aspects of Civil Engineering (PACE) - an International Congress
Volume 1 - Issue 1 - PACE-2021

boughamsa ouassila HEBHOUB Houria KHERRAF Leila ABDELOUAHED Assia


The present work consists in recovering a marble waste (thrown powder exposed to different meteorological phenomena) generated by the marble quarry of Fil-fila, located in the east of Skikda (north-east of Algeria), and added as sand replacement in the composition of sand concrete. Quarry sand and dune sand were used and replaced by waste marble sand, using rates of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. The durability characteristics were assessed by evaluating chloride permeability and water absorption by immersion. Obtained results were compared to the control mixes. The results indicated that partial substitution improved the durability parameters.


Recovering; sand concrete; substitution; marble; durability; water absorption; chloride permeability.