Effect of experienced construction manager upon completion and handing over mega projects on time.

Effect of experienced construction manager upon completion and handing over mega projects on time.

Phenomenological Aspects of Civil Engineering (PACE) - an International Congress
Volume 1 - Issue 1 - PACE-2021

Mamoon Atout


Megaprojects in the construction industry have common challenges that make construction managers of these projects focus on solving critical issues and problems of major milestones of these projects to ensure that they will deliver them on time. Some of the common issues as identified in the literature review are the unrealistic duration of these projects, lack of contractor’s management experience in constructing these projects, the unique design, limited experience of the management team, shortage of skilled manpower and materials, and lack of risk identification during the tendering phase of these projects. This research aims to find out the contribution of experienced and qualified construction managers who participates effectively in advance by reporting about all potential issues to their project managers to mitigate any disputes with clients of these projects. Construction managers who have good experience can overcome and mitigate all types of challenges based on the appropriate utilization of principles and techniques of construction management. Actions, roles, responsibilities, and obligations of effective construction managers will be investigated through a designed questionnaire. The best practices and techniques that construction managers are adopting on daily basis will be investigated to find out how milestones can be tracked to ensure that the projects can be delivered on time. Process of project monitoring and control will be also investigated as a part of their roles and obligations. Study findings will be based on analysis of the questionnaires survey combined with interviews that are carried out with some experienced construction managers to identify the required necessary actions, and level of required experience that construction managers must have to deliver projects on time. In conclusion, internal coordination of construction managers with the project team including implications of construction management that must be shared with the project team must be utilized to complete and deliver the projects on time where the latest techniques of BIM and other innovative software’s of construction can be adopted by them.


Construction Management, Construction Methodology, Monitoring and control, Roles and responsibilities , Risks identifications