Designing the Historical Area of Cumhuriyet Street in Erzurum

Designing the Historical Area of Cumhuriyet Street in Erzurum

Phenomenological Aspects of Civil Engineering (PACE) - an International Congress
Volume 1 - Issue 1 - PACE-2021

Fereshteh Pashaei Kamali Sevgi Yilmaz


The study covers a part of Cumhuriyet Street of Erzurum. Diversity of recreational, commercial, religious, cultural, historical and residential uses along the area of this street has turned the Cumhuriyet Street into one of the streets attracting the highest number of people and tourists. The main aim of this study is to increase the quality of life and the ideal space design in this part of the city, to offer urban designs suitable for all segments of the society, to produce various units for people to use these spaces, and to suggest changes in existing areas. In the first stage of the design, the existing entrances of the study area including squares, streets, underpasses, and overpasses were identified. The main challenge in this plan manifests when minimal manipulation occurs in the historical and valuable urban space, which finally helps create a proper and valuable framework befitting this urban space. In this study, the main concept is to protect the historical and cultural space and to bring the existing cultural value to the fore to be addressed with urban landscape design approaches. In the landscape design project, for which a proposal was prepared, the details of new squares, buildings, facades, sidewalks and original reinforcement elements were prepared. In the design of this original project, the features of the existing historical buildings and the design criteria of important squares are also included. In this approach, existing historical artifacts are completely preserved and the new urban buildings are designed completely different from the historical context of the city. In this context, innovative design approaches and urban design suggestions were developed specific to the work area. The most important suggestion is to combine the Cifte Minareli Medrese and the Castle on the upper platform, designing a city square and passing the riding road under it.


Landscape plan, urban squares, historical fabric, Cumhuriyet Street, Erzurum