Effect of Experienced Construction Manager on Projects Completion

Effect of Experienced Construction Manager on Projects Completion

Phenomenological Aspects of Civil Engineering (PACE) - an International Congress
Volume 1 - Issue 1 - PACE-2021

Mamoon Atout


In the construction industry, megaprojects have common challenges and circumstances that make the construction managers of these projects emphasize and concentrate to complete milestones and other major activities of the project to deliver it on time. Some of these circumstances are the unrealistic duration of the project, lack of contractors' experience in constructing megaprojects, the unique design of the project, shortage of manpower and materials, project locations, and lack of risk identification and management. In this research, the author intends to find out how experienced construction managers can participate to overcome all challenges based on the full utilization of principles and knowledge of construction management. This requires full investigations of the required actions, roles, and responsibilities of an active and experienced construction manager. The best practices and techniques that construction managers is adopting on daily basis will be investigated to find out how milestones can be tracked to ensure that the project will be delivered on time. The process of project monitoring and control will be also investigated to find out how milestones can be completed on time. Study findings will be based on analysis of the questionnaire survey combined with interviews that are carried out with some experienced construction managers to identify the necessary norms, actions, and necessary level of required experience and personality that construction managers must have to deliver projects on time. In the conclusion, internal coordination of construction manager with project team including knowledge sharing of implications of construction management can be utilized to complete and deliver the project on time


Construction Management, Rules and Responsibilities, Implications of Construction Management, Project Monitor and Control, Risk identifications