An Appraisal of Mechanistic-Empirical Models (MEMs) in Pavement Deterioration

An Appraisal of Mechanistic-Empirical Models (MEMs) in Pavement Deterioration

Journal of Nature, Science & Technology (JANSET)
Volume 3 - Issue 2 - April 2023

Michael Tiza


This research paper presents an appraisal of Mechanistic-Empirical Models (MEMs) in pavement deterioration assessment. The study examines various MEMs used in the analysis of flexible pavements, including Westergaard's Equation, Boussinesq's Equation, NCHRP 1-37A, AASHTO MEPDG, EICM, and FPO Software. The equations, parameters, limitations, and advantages of each model are thoroughly evaluated. The significance of MEMs in pavement deterioration assessment is highlighted, emphasizing their ability to provide a mechanistic understanding of pavement behavior and enable accurate predictions of performance. The paper offers recommendations for practitioners and researchers, including the adoption and implementation of MEMs, collaboration and data sharing, enhanced model inputs, standardized calibration protocols, continuous model improvement, and training and education. The conclusion emphasizes the value of MEMs in pavement engineering while acknowledging the need for further improvement and research. The findings of this study contribute to advancing the appraisal and utilization of MEMs in pavement deterioration assessment, ultimately leading to improved pavement designs, optimized maintenance strategies, and informed decision-making in the field of pavement engineering.


Mechanistic-Empirical Models, pavement deterioration assessment, flexible pavements, model appraisal, pavement performance prediction.