Difficulties in Applying Lean Construction Principles within Afghanistan's Construction Sector

Difficulties in Applying Lean Construction Principles within Afghanistan's Construction Sector

Journal of Civil Engineering Beyond Limits (CEBEL)
Volume 4 - Issue 3 - July 2023

zeynep yaman Ehsanullah Sh. Omari


This study proposes that the Lean concept, which focuses on efficient project management and waste reduction, could be optimal for construction practices in Afghanistan. However, there are challenges in transitioning to Lean construction in the Afghan construction industry, including limited access to official training and awareness among project managers and coworkers, a lack of understanding about Lean concepts, reluctance to change due to existing managerial experience, and resistance to new methods. Very few organisations have some knowledge of the lean concept, but that is not adequate for them to implement it; the managers’ experience limits the usage of the lean method within the organisations. Moreover, the data indicated that the lean construction method is negligible. As well as absence of related knowledge and understanding of the lean concept, many organisations showed to be reluctant towards making any change, even if these changes will predominantly increase performance and better the quality and production standards of their organisation. The accumulated data suggests that organisations have resisted the new tools and techniques provided by the lean construction philosophy and in some cases, it is not suitable and applicable to their organisation. The study identifies four major challenges to a successful transition to Lean construction in Afghanistan: the state of war and lack of security, inadequate awareness and acknowledgement of Lean, cultural and human attitudes, and senior management's obligations.


Lean Construction, Lean Success, Construction Management, Afghanistan, Lean Concepts, Project Management