Pressurize cavity between building structures at the facility of sewage system in Kyiv

Pressurize cavity between building structures at the facility of sewage system in Kyiv

Journal of Civil Engineering Beyond Limits (CEBEL)
Volume 4 - Issue 1 - January 2023

Ivan Musiiaka Oleksandr Molodid Ivan Reznichenko Ruslana Plokhuta


During reconstruction the sewerage collector found an intense water leak inward construction at a junction of fiberglass pipes (mounted at the last reconstruction) to an outer reinforced concrete structures of the chambers. It’s known that similar defects eliminate using of cementation, clay, silicate or other methods such as injections of special repair mortars for an outer jacket. The authors of a current article carried out experimental research on pressurizing cavities by polyurethane material SPT® Resins. According to a plan of a research study of the efficient and feasibility of four technological solutions of junction pressurizing between segments of concrete pipe and polyurethane material SPT® in conditions close to real ware stipulated. The technological solutions consist in installing a spreading rim on a gap and filling the gap between rim and pipe segment on both sides with: polyurethane foam; rubber hollow sealant; polyurethane sealant. The fourth technological solution stipulated filling the joint between concrete segments of pipe by splattering polyurethane material SPT® Resins on the surface of the conjunction with the applicator. The results of experimental studies have shown that using first three technological solutions allow filling the junction cavities with repair material for 96-99% of the total volume of the cavities. In this case, water leakage inward construction through junction is eliminated. To validate experimental research was performed by pressurizing one of the junctions in chamber KK-8 with polyurethane material SPT® Resins by injection method. Further monitoring of repaired area made it possible to recommend a developed design and technological solution for pressurizing remaining joints.


junction; water leakage; pressurizing; polyurethane material SPT® Resins; injection