Bearing characteristics of diaphragm wall foundation under vertical and combined load

Bearing characteristics of diaphragm wall foundation under vertical and combined load

Journal of Civil Engineering Beyond Limits (CEBEL)
Volume 3 - Issue 1 - January 2022

Hao Huang Cheng Wang Weiming Gong Huanan Xu


To investigate the bearing characteristics of diaphragm wall foundation under combined load, the results from elasto-plastic analyses of 3D finite element models (FEM) were presented in this study. The vertical load of the diaphragm wall foundation is borne by inner and outer side resistance, resistance of soil core and the end of wall, respectively. Moreover, the sum of end resistance and soil core resistance accounts for about 75% of the vertical load. The mobilization mechanism and distribution of side resistance of the foundation were also analyzed. It is clarified that the mobilization characteristics of inner and outer side resistance of the wall are completely opposite. Due to the combined load, the horizontal load has an amplification effect on the settlement of the foundation. Additionally, the calculation methods of the Eight-component Winkler spring model and rigid pile displacement were used for determining the vertical load-bearing capacity and the overturning stability. A comparison between results from the FEM and the theoretical calculation methods showed that the results of the numerical simulation properly coincided with that of the displacement solution of theoretical model. The conclusions obtained by the above methods all indicate that the foundation has the characteristics of overall overturning failure under the combined load.


Finite element models, Mobilization mechanism, Combined load, Eight-component Winkler spring model, Calculation methods of rigid pile displacement, Overall overturning failure.