Low - Cost Ferrocement Composite Roof/Floor System

Low - Cost Ferrocement Composite Roof/Floor System

Journal of Civil Engineering Beyond Limits (CEBEL)
Volume 1 - Issue 1 - January 2020

Asim Osman Nada Abdalla Khogali


This paper, is a part of continuous research, aims to examine the suitability of cast-in-place Ferro cement composite slab as a roof/floor system. This continuous study is mainly based on experimentation. Ferro cement is a combination of cement/sand (1:2.5) mortar, having a compressive strength higher than 30 N/mm², and expanded metal with R6mm bars. Can be formed in any shape not more than 50 mm thickness. Two panels each consist of a 50 mm slab casted over corrugated zinc sheet of 1.0m width and 4.5 m length supported by two rectangle steel pipes, along the long side and spaced at 50 cm. The pipes were connected to the panels by self –drill screws and shear keys. Steel pipes were (120 mm x 50 mm x 1.8 mm) and (100 mm x 50 mm x1.8 mm) for each panel A and B respectively. As cast-in-place technique, the whole floor will be casted in a single day, whereas, precast panels require forms and handling effort. Panels were tested using 50 kg cement bags as a uniform distributed load. The experimental results show that panels have enough strength and can be used within the allowable service deflection limit, as a roof/floor system.


Ferro cement floor, Roof slab system, Composite beam, Composite floor