Effect of change in ambient temperature on creep of concrete

Effect of change in ambient temperature on creep of concrete

Journal of Cement Based Composites (CEBACOM)
Volume 2 - Issue 1 - January 2021

Zainab Kammouna


This article reviews the studies on the effect of temperature on the creep of concrete. Indeed, the temperature is one of the most important factors, as its rise leads to an acceleration of creep of concrete and thus an increase in its value compared to concrete under normal temperature. However, creep increases significantly if concrete under load is exposed to a high temperature. Thus, the creep value becomes higher than that of concrete exposed to a constant temperature (of the same level). Unfortunately, some of the codes for predicting creep of concrete (for instant the Eurocode)do not take into account the effect of high temperature on the creep of concrete under load. To clarify the impact of heating concrete under load (on creep) and distinguish it from its effect where it is constant, this study was carried out.


creep of concrete, basic creep, drying creep, transitional thermal creep, transient creep, steady-state creep, temperature effect.