Titanium carbide: Synthesis, properties and applications

Titanium carbide: Synthesis, properties and applications

Journal of Brilliant Engineering (BEN)
Volume 2 - Issue 2 - April 2021

Mohsen Mhadhbi Miloud Driss


Composite materials are known in various forms. The two distinctive constituents of these composite materials are the matrix material and the reinforcement material. A variety of materials are used as reinforcing material in composites titanium carbide (TiC). TiC acquired considerable attention because of its unique properties, which make it very attractive for advanced applications. The current review summarizes various synthesis techniques to produce TiC nanocomposite and highlights the major industrial applications of TiC. It was found that for certain techniques, the TiC powder has been synthesized directly, with different shapes and sizes, within a relatively very short time by eliminating a number of intermediate processes. However, this review deals with the detailed literature survey carried out on the preparation of titanium carbide powder, and also covers analyzes the results from the experiments conducted on the preparation of powder by the works of several researchers. Therefore, in-depth conclusions have been done on the research processes that are being carried out on improving the properties of TiC reinforced composites.


Titanium carbide, Properties, Microstructure, Applications, Nanostrcuture