Design of Automatic Irrigation Water Supply Monitor and Control System.

Design of Automatic Irrigation Water Supply Monitor and Control System.

Journal of Brilliant Engineering (BEN)
Volume 4 - Issue 1 - January 2023

Maisha Fahmida Darul islam Md Al Mamun Md Asadul Habib Md Roknuzzaman


Design of Automatic Irrigation Water Supply Monitoring and Controlling System was pursued to create an automatic irrigation controlling device for efficient water use and turning pumping motor ‘On’ or ‘OFF’ by sensing the moisture percentage in the field surface throgh moisture sensor. Objective was to reduce the involvement of man power for field irrigation monitoring purposes and reduce water requirement. This method can insure the proper use of water without wastage and save water for future. With the konwledge of moisture value in soil, we can estimate how much and when to irrigate crops. When the moisture content level on the output of the sensor or soil becomes less than 30% (desired value), then sensor generated an alarm and turns the motor on automatically. Displayed as ‘motor On’in the LCD display and soil level was shown as ‘dry soil’. Per hour machine data was received and shown in data table. A digital LCD Thermometer hygrometer Humidity Temperature sensor was also used to detect the temperature and relative humidity of the atmosphere with moisture content level was shown. Different field tests with crop and without crop were done. Total design cost was 4790 taka. Wet soil was tested with oven dry method to get accurate moisture level of the soil. Almost similar moisture percentage with moisture sensor was found. Temperature and relative humidity was also observed with weather station and found similar with sensor reading. Overall designed control and monitoring system was found satisfactory with minor errors.


Automatic irrigation; control system; moisture content; soil moisture sensor; temperature sensor;