Tool For Risk-Based Operation of Socio-Cyber-Physical Systems

Tool For Risk-Based Operation of Socio-Cyber-Physical Systems

Journal of Brilliant Engineering (BEN)
Volume 2 - Issue 4 - October 2021

dana prochazkova


The human’s lives are strongly dependent on operation of socio-cyber-physical systems that create vitally infrastructure of human society system. These systems are complex systems, which have form “systems of systems”. Due to complexity, these systems are threatening not only by risks influencing their elements, but also with risks connected with uncomfortable links and flows among elements, which occur at critical conditions due to occurrence of unexpected interdependences. The aim of risk management of socio-cyber-physical systems at operation is the integral safety which ensures their co-existence with their vicinity throughout their life cycles. On the basis of present knowledge and experience, part of risks that threaten socio-cyber-physical systems is coped by preventive measures during their designing and manufacturing. Due to dynamic changes of the world, the conditions of socio-cyber-physical systems at operations change. If changes exceed the socio-cyber-physical systems´ safety limits which were inserted into their designs, the accidents or socio-physical -cyber-physical systems´ failures occur. The presented risk management plan is tool which ensures the correct response to such unaccepted situations and fast ensuring the safety.


Socio-cyber-physical systems; operation; failure; safety; risk management plan.