Wave runup for Nowshahr breakwater at tide and ebb scenarios

Wave runup for Nowshahr breakwater at tide and ebb scenarios

Journal of Brilliant Engineering (BEN)
Volume 2 - Issue 4 - October 2021

Farhad Sakhaee


This study investigates runup design at breakwaters and design criteria under tidal and ebb scenarios for both head and truck of Nowshahr breakwater. First part includes runup height calculations based on shore protection manuals. Based of wave height, frequency, and water depth at the toe runup height has been calculated and Second portion has been dedicated to design of head and truck of Nowshahr port based on Hudson stability formula. Collision of wave and the breakwater head, results in immediate reduction in wave energy. As wave energy propagated gradually decreases when it meets the trunk. The results showed that in both conditions weight of head would be higher than the trunk of breakwater. while, both head and trunk are designed based on high strength materials, but the head has higher degree of importance in terms of design criteria. Hudson formula is responsible for the stability of breakwater structure. Tidal case which considers a non-breaking wave as well as ebb scenario including a breaking wave has been studied to include two extreme conditions occurs to breakwaters. The results showed the higher weight of head is responsible for stability of breakwater at both conditions.


Runup calculations, Tide and ebb, Breakwater extension, Cross-sectional-deign