Performing Structural Design and Modeling of Transformers Using ANSYS-Maxwell

Performing Structural Design and Modeling of Transformers Using ANSYS-Maxwell

Journal of Brilliant Engineering (BEN)
Volume 2 - Issue 2 - April 2021

Yıldırım ÖZÜPAK


Transformers have attracted great interest since they have been used in power systems due to their robustness and application in power systems. Therefore, the nominal values of transformers grow even more in larger power systems due to the constantly increasing power demand. Many researches are carried out to increase the performance characteristics of transformers and their compatibility with power systems. There are different methods and analysis tools for these studies. One of them is ANSYS@Maxwell, which performs analysis based on Finite Element Method (FEM). With this program, the design, modeling, analysis and performance evaluation of the transformer in a high performance simulation environment can be achieved through effective strategic modeling. In this study, the design and modeling of a three-phase core-type transformer with coils and terminals is explained in detail in ANSYS @ Maxwell simulation platform. In addition, the transformer models examined were adapted using ANSYS@MAXWELL software based on finite element method. Analyzes are performed to estimate the core-losses, leak-losses, DC-losses, and winding-eddy current losses-of transformers with this program. A large number of meshes were used in FEM analysis


Transformer; Design; FEM; ANSYS@Maxwell; Magnetic flux.