Frequency Design Approach for FPID controller of Model Reduction AVR

Frequency Design Approach for FPID controller of Model Reduction AVR

Journal of Brilliant Engineering (BEN)
Volume 2 - Issue 2 - April 2021

Nasir Alawad Nasir Ahmed Alawad


A very important concept with regard to power system control is automatic voltage regulator (AVR). The task of (AVR) is to hold the terminal voltage magnitude of a synchronous generator at a specified level .The mathematical model of AVR is nonlinear and very complex in order, so for simplicity, it needs to reduce the order. Fractional proportional-Integral–Derivative controller (FOPID) is proposed and executed on AVR utilizing frequency design approach. The FPID controller showed strong execution in transient exhibitions, robust performance in transient performances, less settling time, maximum overshot and steady-state error. The FPID controller displays an iso-damping property (flat reaction). The design is done in frequency domain and hence stability and robustness of the design is automatically guaranteed unlike the other time domain optimization based controller design methods. The proposed method compared with, TID controller (Tilt-Integral-Derivative) and FOLLC (Fractional Order Lead-Lag Compensator .MATLAB tool box for Fractional order system (FOMCON) is used for transient response analysis. The results show that the FPID controller tuned with settled PID parameters gives acceptable execution regarding set point following when compared with classical TID and FOLLC.


AVR system; model reduction; optimization methods; FPID controller; frequency domain; FOMCON.